Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Leave a comment: What's your idea of a blissful experience?
What kind of lingerie? Any specific body products? Candles? Playful Props?
Let me know what you want for a sexy passionate blissful experience and receive 4 entries
Link my contest on your blog and receive 4 entries
That's a total of 10 chances to win!

Bliss Bag:
***Blissfully Yours Black stretch net camgarter with lace up front and matching thigh high fishnet stockings and thong. Your choice of size: S/M or M/L

***Muddy Moose Edible Chocolate Warming Massage Oil

***Muddy Moose Chocolate Truffle Lip Butter

***GlitterSniffer Whipped Soap

***Urban Swank Soy Candle

***Healing House Lover’s Tea – Yin and Yang

***Chocolate satin bag lined with blue satin

WOW! This is a fabulous Bliss Bag!

Enter to win til the end of March
Winner will be announced on April 1st
Have Fun!


  1. Sounds wonderful!

    Happy Spring Fling!!

    Come on over and register for my pearl earring giveaway too, ok?

  2. I hearted you (Mimi and Friends) on Etsy!

  3. I'm following your blog :)

    I would love to win this!

  4. ok, i'm totally shy when it comes to this kind of stuff...so i don't typically wear lingerie and use any of this stuff...but...if it were around, i bet hubby would love to try it out...

  5. Awesome giveaway.

  6. Bliss? What is that? That is how badly I need to win. Damn...I need a life!

  7. I am following you! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. My sex life totally needs this! I love candles and lingerie but dont get around to wearing it much! Trying my first sex toy also soon.. so that should count right? LOL

  9. ohhhh i loooove new sexy stuff ;) gotta keep him interested ya know?

  10. Hi! I hearted your Etsy shop. My sn is ktperrine

  11. OO how fab! I am following ur blog now! And i plan on checking out ur store on etsy! woohoo! Happy Spring Fling!

  12. I have this hot pink bra that literally causes Fiance to jump me. If I wear it for the day, I try to leave the house before he realizes that I have it one lol

  13. i hearted you on etsy (pretty or practical). and
    All of the stuff you listed sounds great, especially the chocolate warming massage oil.

  14. Oh come on, give me a sexy make over! If I had to choose one thing for a totally blissful night it definately would be black langerie! The hubby loves that! (And me too :)

  15. Wow!

    Right now sleep would be bliss, but a massage with some fab oil wold be so awesome right now!

  16. I'm following you!
    What's your idea of a blissful experience?
    No kids and an all nighter with hubby!
    What kind of lingerie?
    None thank you!
    Any specific body products?Candles? Playful Props?
    Candles are nice, ediable body paints are fun, feathers to tease and handcuffs make for a great night.
    I also blogged about your giveaway at http://mom2twnsn2000.blogspot.com/2009/03/give-me-more.html

  17. I saw your comment on Alex's - had to come and see ! Looks great ... This is my first time with this ... You guys are doing something wonderful for the blogging world -thanks .

  18. added your etsy to favorites

  19. lots of candles and sexy music

  20. oooooooooooo - fun giveaway! plse count me in

  21. Body rubs are the best blissful experience

  22. I love this giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. cdziuba@aol.com

  23. New follower!
    ashlomb at yahoo dot com

  24. Hearts this shop? Does that mean add you to my etsy faves.
    If so, My store name is 1789ashley.etsy.com
    You're my fave!
    ashlomb at yahoo dot com

  25. Blissfull experience would be- dark, candles (not strong smelling), Any kind of body rub that takes great- chocolate, whipped cream, vanilla.

    thanks! ashlomb at yahoo dot com

  26. Over from SITS.
    Blissful would be some almond massage oil, candles, and a weekend without the Wild Indians.

    A girl can dream....

  27. Thanks for stopping in. I am following you too.

    The bliss bag looks like FUN! :)

    This would be great to win.